YAANG -Lose Hold Of You Review

The sound of confidence and assertiveness beams from this new track by YAANG entitled “Lose Hold Of You”, as part of the new Slow Dance compilation out the 26th January.

Sequencers and drum machines are working overtime for this beauty. But before everything comes to fruition, we are gently teased by these playful toy box sounding chimes and a fluctuating array of hi-hats and snares whizzing past us in true stereo excitement. Not to forget that gorgeous, warm and almost Geogaddi-esque synth pad, luring you in further and further.

As everything starts to evolve in this piece, it becomes evident we are being taken for a ride, and we aren’t being let off, and to be honest, I don’t want to get off. The prospect of seeing YAANG perform live after hearing this is all too inviting. Scrolling through their social media pages, the actual photos of YAANG performing live will throw you off. The music they make sounds like they own at least a wall of modular euro racks, and the curious nerd in me was pleasantly surprised to find a photo of the two members, one using a Korg Electribe, and the other playing a Korg synth, and one can only imagine the sound being made through that picture. Minimal gear, maximum sound. Less clearly is more here.

It's the kind track you would play if you were about to fall asleep driving on the M1 and needed some form of legal pick-me-up. A sonic delight that's giving us a glimpse into where dance and electric music could be heading. But it's also the kind of track you would play to soundtrack the best day ever of your life.

Hopefully we can get a physical copy of this later in the month alongside the full release of the Slow Dance compilation, until then, here is the track.

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