Who can DJ for 12 hours straight? DJ Abena

DJ Abena has been about for the last 2 years spinning us the best tunes all over the city doing mixes and radio shows with STEAM Radio, We Out Here, Rinse, Threads, Partisan and is one of the members of the fantastic 'open deck party' All Hands On Deck.

This lockdown they challenged themselves to a spin tunes for 12 hours at The Rec Centre and hosted by Partisan Collective, they raised plenty of money for charity in the process. We chatted with them all about the event and amongst other things, FOOD!

Have a watch of our chat together below or read on!

"I was really just inspired by EZ, who just did a 24 hour hour set. I was messaging my mates seeing if I should do it and i just said, fuck it.

I really didn't plan it that hard, it just sorta happened. I didn't have an epiphany at 3am or anything saying 'I NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD' I just thought it would be fun. There wasn't much thought, we thought it would be dead fun and we can raise some money all in the process!"

With such an easy plan I sit here writing this thinking everyone should do this, everyone can, you should!

"It was really fun doing it, it just flew by! I had people in the studio helping me out getting it all set up, but as soon as I got started the time just flew away!"

Abena truly played a variety of tracks from Jazz to Jungle, Ambient to Indie.

"I had a mad rush the night before downloading loads of tracks to fill all that time. I remember there was one song I played, I can't remember the name, but it had jungle in the title, so it was gonna be good.

I then played a Panic At The Disco remix that I really really love. Loads of people really reacted well to that because why not?

We then had some fun ambient house, splashing in that great track that Mount Kimbie track they do with Mica Levi (Micachu), it's such a good album. It was about 3:30 and I thought people would really appreciate some mellow Mount Kimbie right now!"

It all went really well! And they raised £3'400, which is excellent! Considering the target was £1500, so it's more than double!

"The charities I donated the money to were 'Safety 4 Sisters', a Manchester based charity that work with migrant women who have experienced gender based violence. 'Radar', which is an umbrella organisation which works with and for disabled people in the UK. And also 'African Rainbow Family', which is a non profit organisation that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer (LGBTIQ) people of African heritage and the wider Black Asian Minority Ethnic groups.

Refugees are having a proper shit time at the minute, on top of Covid-19. These organizations are here to help these people that literally have to flee their countries because they live in fear of persecution just because they are who they are. It should be the governments who do this, but they are shit, so I thought I would raise some much needed money for them."

As always we ask for some recommendation from anyone who we talk to, but Abena is a special guest, so firstly we asked about which Manchester musicians we needed to listen to!

"Henzo, Henzo, Henzo! Always download Henzo's music whenever they come out. He's part of Strange Riddims and his tunes are always proper chill, but they've always got a great chug. He's just the soundest guys, he's just had some music put out on DJ Python's label too. I'll always recommend him.

Really I just think the whole Strange Riddims group. They a crew based right here in the city who always had the best parties at Soup Kitchen and they were always well cheap. guaranteed vibes non stop. Absolute wizards.

Luce, who is part of B.L.O.O.M also makes great tunes!

Then Skappa and Mystique who are part of Shifting Spheres do some amazing stuff in that collective. "

I then turned the recommendations towards food. Abena also runs a little side project call 'A Bitch Likes To Eat', just that name alone really gets me interested. So we then asked about three foody places they can recommend! This was met with a big laugh and -

"Now that's the sort of question I want to answer!

So firstly, Mediterranean Kitchen in Whalley Range. The food, the vibes, the cover, the service, honestly I was speechless, it is amazing. I want to try the breakfast, the last time I had a gyros and it was to die for.

Seoul Kimchi on Upper Brook Street is a great place and the people that own it are just lovely!

Chimaek, Korean fried chicken and curry house. Imagine double fried chicken with any sort of sauce and glaze on it. It's just so good, it's a proper treat."

I honestly don't think there is anything left to say about this great human, besides support them in every way you can!

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