Vieux '31DEC1999' - EP Review

Get this pressed on 12”.

VIEUX are an exciting electronic duo based in Manchester currently promoting their new EP entitled “31DEC1999”. The title alone is suggestive of its retro nature before you even play it. But what we have here is something so much more than a throwback to the glory days of 90s electronic and rave. What we actually have here is a progressive, forward thinking piece of art that will capture the imagination of not just fans of dance music, but music itself.

“GARDEN PATH” is a particular highlight that keeps me coming back for more. Veering on the vibes of Glasgow based movement Optimo, this track is clawing at attention for the alternative club scene to embrace it and admire it for what its glory truly beholds. The juxtaposed vocal stylings on “GUILT AND FEAR” compliment its more calming atmosphere perfectly. NASA should contemplate sending this to Neptune for the eventual colonisation of it (which is bound to happen, but if you don’t believe me, Google a photo of the planet Neptune whilst listening to this track, you will understand).

Again, get this EP on 12”.

“STRANGE MOON” is an absolute belter. If I went out and a club just played this tune on loop for 6 hours+, I ain’t gonna complain. The goopy sounding subs just keep you craving more, and makes your body crave that sonic bass that only a blisteringly loud sound system can engulf you in.

“FORGOTTEN” is another exceptional piece of work that taps into that golden time of early IDM and experimental dance music that we all know and love, but brings it gorgeously into 2021. If you enjoy acts such as μ-Ziq, early Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Bent and also from the pioneering record labels that shaped electronic music in the 90s such as Rephlex, R&S, Warp, Skam, you are most certainly in the right place here.

Also for anyone that remembers FastTracker 2, this will make you want to reinstall it.

Like I say, get this pressed on 12”.

However you can buy the cassette right here, right now.

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