The Be Positives - It's Easy (If You Try) Review

The Be Positives are a power pop band who have been praised for their powerful live performances, strong melodies and varied repertoire. 'It's Easy (If You Try)' was recorded in April 2020 during the initial lockdown of the UK with each part recorded in each band member's respective house. In style, sound and theme the song exemplifies the band's love of rockabilly, by way of late 60s Kinks and is a pre cursor to the release of a full album next year.

What we have here is a beautiful sonic experience that manages to capture the wondrous tones of 60s psych folk and bring it to a contemporary audience that fans of The Fugs and CSYN would approve of. The Be Positives have really earned their name here.

You can listen to it here -

“The Be Positives’ self-titled debut LP takes a most gluttonous approach to musical genres, absorbing everything from glam-pop to garage-rock to lush piano balladry. Crucially, though, it’s a sound which never threatens to overwhelm the listener. Performed with breakneck intensity, their songs – full of sharp hooks, changing tempos and surreal lyricism – possess an optimism and manic energy that’s hard to resist.” - David Sue, Manchester Evening News.

You can listen to the bands discography on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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