Swine - 'No Fightin'' Single Review

Swine are here with their new anthem No Fightin’.

Yes, anthem.

Straight away it's evident that Swine are delivering their mission statement and are here to show that they are just as determined and as relevant as any of their other contemporaries. No Fightin’ effortlessly blends that thrashy indie garage sound with a subtle ska tinge that's too good to ignore.

Maybe not intentional, but I do get those nostalgic tinges from this track that make me very reminiscent about the big indie and nu-rave explosion of 2006/2007 from bands such as Good Shoes, O Fracas, The Cribs, Young Knives and so many more, and maybe I'm the only person that feels that way, but in that feeling is a sense a pure happiness that keeps me coming back to this track again and again.

Not because it reminds me of that time, it's a progressive track that is very much needed and most certainly not going describe its sound by a year. But music does weirdly put you in a certain frame of mind that you have no control over, and if I feel happy pretending to be in 2007 again whilst listening to this track, who knows what nostalgic happy place it will put you in?

Excited to see this band live. Highly recommended.

SWINE formed in 2017, in Swinton, Salford.

Not shortly after, the band released their debut single - The Riff - followed by their debut EP named 'Fools Britannia'. The EP, all professionally recorded in the hometown of Swinton catches the rough and early sound of the band, like setting the foundation for what was to come. In 2019, the band released 'They Hate Us' accompanied by B-side 'Diluted' both tracks highlighting current world issues such as classism, fascism and sexism whilst adding in sections to the songs influenced by Ska and Modern Rock. Later on in the year, 'Gazza B' was released, a song open to interpretation.

The band emits an undertone of punk rock noise throughout every song they perform, mixed and merged in to a mesh of different genres. Anybody who has seen this band live will tell you of their chaotic and energetic stage performance.

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