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PALOMA present a new kind of club space and collaboration.

As we try to introduce new sounds. faces and crowds to The Loft, PALOMA will sit at the front of this concept as an in house show that will focus on more left field house and techno sounds. There will also be a focus on showcasing local talent alongside headliners which we see at forefront of pushing the best sounds in the more weird and wonderful underbelly of electronic music. As well as this we want to look at keeping diversity as a factor that is always considered through our lineups as well as the designers and photographers used throughout.

Images by Documcr

Our aim is to look at working alongside a different photographer for each show with the goal being to showcase all of these through an almost conclusive exhibition after 4-5 events with carefully curated music to sit with it. Giving the whole thing a sort of narrative and a build up as the events continue and move towards something more than just a club show. The first photographer we will be working alongside is Documcr who has been capturing the reindustrialisation of gritty ambience we call home, Manchester.

As this brand new party and exhibition series launches we welcome headliners Teki Latex and Jazz alongside two very special local selectors that reside in Manchester, Mystique and Sonice. Both have been plying their trade behind the booth for multiple years and can often be seen across the city in various venues, causing scenes to a variety of audiences. They will be seen to be going b2b, toe to toe and head to head from the moment the doors open on Friday 2nd September.

Ahead of the show we asked Jazz to create a playlist to highlght what we can expect from them and we compiled some of Teki's best moments. Check them out on our Instagram.

The b2b set is something that some DJs revel in, some venues herald and some crowds dream of seeing. Often a success, sometimes a disaster. Two disc jockeys going tune for tune has born some of the greatest musical moments in clubbing history. DJs are thrown in at the deep end to see what they can cook up with never before witnesses collaborative sets at times, or more often than not paired up with someone who they have created a musical connection with from years of sharing tunes and practising blends in a variety of settings.

So ahead of their debut b2b this Friday we took the chance to sit down with Mystique and Sonice, two important figures in Manchester's grassroots music community to find out more about what they've been up to outside of the club, what they will be bringing to the table and to hear about some of their previous DJ link ups in the booth.

You both work on community based projects in the city in your own ways, can you tell me what you've been up to with Shifting Spheres and The Rec Centre respectively? Mystique: Over the last couple of years myself, Rach and Steph have all contributed to the growth of Shifting Spheres. Together we have worked on different projects within the collective, going from humble beginnings running small DJ workshops to curating 5 week production programs with Ableton. We have even had the opportunity to expand to Bristol this year, hosting two workshops with Lakota. After a summer Hiatus from workshops and programs, we are now working behind the scenes to fulfil our larger goals. We hope to host even more dj and production programs for women and gender minorities, along with panel talks, masterclasses and other ventures.

Sonice: Since lockdown I have been using The Rec Centre to host workshops, streams and to accommodate both aspiring and established DJ’s to practice and record mixes for all members of the diverse community around us in Manchester. In the last couple of weeks I have begun a new venture into the world of buying and selling records starting off with my collection which has been built over the last 10 years and I am now building on that by spending my time finding music that I think other DJ’s in Manchester will love. Focussing on club ready tunes that might be harder to come by at other record shops in the city. I wanted to provide an experience where people could relax in the space, have a dig at their own pace and also mix whilst they are going through records, I feel it is a nice alternative to the traditional record shop experience

Sonice you're often seen behind the booth with your Strange Riddims partner in crime Hanz, and Mystique you recently played an all night long set with Daisu and Kitsta...what's been your favourite thing about performing with these other selectors? Mystique: I’ve wanted to do an all night set for ages and having the opportunity to do it with two of my best mates in the scene was an incredible feeling. All the jubilant energy that was let off in the room felt amazing and best believe DaiSu and Kitsta brought it. The high afterwards was unbelievable, hands down my favourite b2b ever. Sonice: The very first day I moved to Manchester 7/8 years ago I met Hanz and we had a mix, from then on we’ve been a dream team, our style of mixing is different and our tastes do overlap quite a lot but we both hone into different sounds but I think this is partly why our sets work so well together. I learn a lot from playing with other DJ’s with different tastes and styles to me and I find it to be a driving force as well as giving me inspiration.

What are you most excited about for your b2b on September 2nd? Mystique: Having known Sonice for a number of years, I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing what a great selector he is on several occasions, not to mention his impressive musical knowledge. So I’m really excited to catch a vibe and see how our b2b pans out. Combining both our styles together is going to be really fun. Sonice: After knowing Mystique for quite a few years and seeing her play many times both in the studio and out in the club i’m already excited. Without revealing too much before the night we have got a few things in store that we think will work great to get everyone geared up and ready for some of my favourite DJ’s to follow being Jazz and Teki.

What's a song that you have been rinsing recently and we may or may not hear at The Loft for PALOMA.? Mystique: DJ Absolutely Shit- Hope This Makes 7th Sense Sonice: “The Anthem” aka. Kerri Chandler - Cobal (Version 2) What would be your dream partnership b2b to see in a club or at a festival? Mystique: Call Super b2b Jane Fitz Sonice: DJ Nehpets b2b Sally C

To get involved with the action head to this link. You can find more about what Mystique's Shifting Spheres does in the community as a DJ collective and teaching space for women, trans and non-binary DJs here, as well as taking a look at Sonice's Rec Centre and how the space exists for the musical community here.

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