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Playlist No.1

Lockdown got us searching as far and wide as we possibly can, and wow, did we find some bangers. This is your first playlist of solely brand new Manchester music from people in the underground.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think. Send us new music we should check out. And if you know any of these people then please put us in contact with them, we would love to talk to you all.



3 MALFOY - isaiah

4 Planet Sauce - Mr Mustard

5 Beerz & Brandy - Gilly MCR

6 Silcaes - Ifevertherewas

7 Wake Up - Bill Brewster

8 Foggy Dew - Gazelleband

9 Rhyl - Sugar Crease

10 Pie & Mash for 2 - Gidouille

11 Gökotta - SheBeKeKe

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