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Manchester seems to have a love affair with it’s area phone number, 0161, with groups like 01FIX1, the cycling group, 0161 memes and now One6Wave.

The Wave are a multi genre collective of musicians consisting of rappers, singers, producers, artists and actors. Running out of their South Manchester studio in Wythenshawe, releasing a range of tapes, tracks and now opening their doors to anyone to use their space and their engineers. Their huge live shows have got them a massive fan base in town they have spread their wings from Leeds to London. But of course we haven’t been lucky enough to get to any gigs recently, but they have all been hard at work throughout lockdown bringing out plenty of new material. First, let’s have a look at who is in this group.

They comprise of quite a few different members: Gilly MCR, D-Wayne, JT Kobie, Friendly Whiskey, Cal Mac, DGT and Ten23. All have their own part to play in this diverse group of lads.

Gilly MCR is a straight up rapper, with a taste for production and engineering, reminding me of a polished Gamma Man, or maybe Manchester's answer to Dave, with hard hitting lyrics about every day life. His latest EP ‘Leestone Road’ came out in August to great applause, with bangers like ‘Bring Ya Mates’ Ft D-Wayne and ‘Real Sh*t’. But we will talk more about Gilly later on!

D-WAYNE is another great rapper, but with more of a classic Hip-Hop sideline with his use of guitars and synthesisers. He is also a great lyricist, which is why you see him feature on so many other tracks by the collective. Check out his tune ’South Side’, a wonderful callout to all the guys in the Wave and cutting story about the real life of South Manchester through his eyes.

JT Kobie is a multi talented rapper, musician, poet and actor. Music is a massive part of this guy, with a snarly voice like Lil Wayne. But working with the community is also massively important. His work with Young Identity Manchester, an art organisation and charity putting out spoken word and poetry workshops for young people, and Contact Manchester, a community led performance art theatre, that’s the real stuff for him. His new tune ‘Bunny Bop’ combines the grit of the industrious city and the arts that surround him.

Friendly Whiskey are singer songwriter duo Joe Black and Playboy T, pulling over into that grey area that System of a Down left us to figure out. Utilising acoustic guitars and soulful vocals, they sing about Whiskey, Wine and Water and how good they make us feel inside. These guys really show off the diversity of this group, even though they make different music they are accepted by everyone because of the quality of music they bring to One6Wave, that's what really sets them apart from other collectives..

Cal Mac as described by Gilly is an “instrumental part of One6Wave as the front man of all shows and events.” Cal is a big character that really drives the group in the direction that they want. He is currently Fashion Director and Stylist over at Off The Rails Magazine, styling the likes of Joe Gilgun, Tunde and Meeks, where he is making waves by taking the cover of the first issue he was involved with.

DGT is the Wave in house DJ, livening up all the shows. He also has an eye for the artistic and visual aspects for music videos for the gang. His latest work is with D-Wayne on his video for South Side.

Ten23 is the One6Wave in house producer and engineer. Everything that has come out of that studio so far has passed through his fingers, most notably is Gilly’s Leestone Road. He also has his own projects where he has a more soulful voice over some classic trappy backgrounds.

We had a chat with the gang about why they made this collective and about underground Manchester fashion.

Why have you made a collective?

We decided to make One6Wave because we are all creatives from different fields coming together to bring you exactly what One6wave is all about. Variety or styles, talents, interests that make up our culture and way of life.

We recognised we were all talented individuals and didn’t want that to go to waste and one thing we’ve always been good at is throwing shubs so we decided to amalgamate the two and thus O6W.

Gone are the days of being forced to stick to one lane, we as O6W are multi dimensional, taking inspiration from various walks of life and wanted to represent that collectively as O6W with the various lanes we all occupy.

Why do you do it and where is it leading?

We do what we do for the love of it, no gimmicks or any of that other shit, just good music and a good time. Bringing all of our different styles together to bring you One6Wave.

Where is the strangest place you ever played?

Hahahaha, a certain university booked us once for an event that clearly didn’t suit us. We were on after a group of violinists, safe to say joe black wasn’t happy! We did our thing though!

What do you guys do in the smaller community?

Currently we are working closely with South Manchester clothing and media brand BADMASH, they are super keen to invest and develop up and coming talent in South Manchester area. We also run our studio in Wythenshawe where local artists can get in the studio with our very own Ten23. Friendly Whiskey are always trying new material in local bars in and around Manchester. AND if it isn’t clear, we love a shubs and that can go down anywhere!

Are there any DIY clothing brands that excite you? Where do you get your threads?

Badmash Clothing are an up and coming streetwear brand. Stay Stitching make bespoke handmade clothing and headwear. And then of course the occasional One6Wave merch!

Where do you guys eat?

Anywhere that does Hennessy/beer on draft, and anyone that can offer falafel for our JT Kobie hahah. Also, big shout out to Chicken Run for the best fried chicken in the city, obviously!

Can you tell us about 3 people/groups or businesses you can recommend to us?

We would first recommend MicCheck Media, as a media outlet you need to be following for news and features on up and coming local artists and MC’s.

JF Media, a videographer who created the visuals for Gilly’s most recent ‘On Call’.

Uskees clothing, a sustainable clothing brand offering high quality garments to counteract the current fast fashion culture. Clothes you can wear for a lifetime.

So these guys like a party, like a drink and love to make music, they are the most important things I think?


Gilly’s latest release has really come at an interesting time for all of us. A time that music really seemed to stop happening because of lockdown, and as soon as they opened up their personal studio space. It’s rare for an any artist really to have so much spare time and resources around them to create something. Gilly has brought all of his resources together on this release, bringing the esoteric feel of his Hennessy lifestyle and the trappy, psychedelic beats of CEEGORDON and together with the features of D-Wayne, you’ve got a whopper. We spoke to Gilly about his latest release ‘Leestone Road’ and how Manchester has influenced him as an artist and the producers that are making the beats for him to really work with.

Why is Leestone Road important to you? Have you got any interesting tales?

Leestone Road is where the One6Wave studio is and it’s the first tape to come out of it. Pretty much named itself to be honest, shout me off record and I’ll tell you some tales innit. Trust me, some of those tales were pretty wild, but not appropriate for this platform haha.

How has the industrious landscape of Northenden/Sharston and the wider South Manchester area influenced tour music and your artistic output?

Yeah massively, I think as an artist you can’t not be influenced by your environment. It helps to make your music authentic. That’s why my music is all about my own experiences.

In your back catalogue you’ve worked with lots of different producers. I know that JSD produces for some of the One6Wave stuff, but do you have a favourite producer to work with?

Yeah, JSD is nuts in the studio, real heavyweight and takes the craft serious. I also work a lot with CEEGORDON, who produced the majority of Leestone Road. Then you’ve got the waves very own Ten23 who mixed and mastered the tape. I would say Ten23 is my preferred for the vibe he creates in the studio, known him since he was knee high.

In One6Wave you’ve got Cal and Friendly Whiskey, what do they bring to the collective for you?

Cal is an instrumental part of One6Wave as our front man at shows and events. Friendly Whiskey along with creating their own great music are key to showing the diversity which is what we are all about. Not your stereotypical.

Tell us about 3 people/groups or businesses from Manchester that you love right now!

Phlex, MicCheck Media and James Abaidi, who designed the Leestone Road artwork and T-shirt design.

Also, something to note is Gilly’s great playlist series “Unsigned bangers” highlighting the true best of the best of the Norths DIY scenes.

We hope to see some events coming from One6Wave soon so we can see them all again in person. The studio is open for bookings, £20 an hour for use of the studio whether you want mixing or not, so hit them up for any questions you may have.

They have got plenty of releases coming up very soon for you to check out including a Friendly Whiskey EP called 'Last Orders' coming in December, D-Wayne EP called '3rd Floor' and as we are releasing this article Gilly has released his smooth hip-hop mixtape 'Original Wave File'. Keep your eyes peeled!

We hope to see some events coming from One6Wave soon so we can see them all again in person. The studio is open for bookings, £20 an hour for use of the studio whether you want mixing or not, so hit them up for any questions you may have. Make sure to check out all of their IG accounts to links too all their Spotify and SoundCloud. 

@gillymcr @d_waynemusic @iamten23 @deegt_ @friendly_whiskey @heelmacintosh @jt_kobie

You can get hold of the One6Wave instagram at @one6wave

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