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Marco Woolf - Francine, I

Stepping through a forest of luscious green Monstera and Auihiay you come to an opening and light peers through offering hope to your saviour, when you are graced with a beautiful seascape looking over a sunny bay you are hit with fresh sea air. The wind rushes through your hair, you exhale and calm floods through your body with colourful jazz coursing through you, from the bottom up.

Marco Woolf's 'Francine, I'' is a breath of fresh air. It floats on a plateau of excellence from the start of the track Francine all the way through the 5 tracks to Modus Operandi at the close. Akin to the smooth jazz that Alice Coltrane introduced later in her career filled with spirituality and the light touch of piano and wind instruments which can be heard throughout this release.

Marco's Malawian heritage blends effortlessly with the modern British jazz movement to offer us a view into his storytelling whilst not bearing his whole heart. 'Let's Build This House' is where the EP comes to a careering crescendo with a thumping bass driven bridge riddled with Sun Ra style saxophone fills and Frank Zappa style off beat psychedelic guitar, this is when the goosebumps really start.

This feels like one of the most mature and considered releases Manchester has offered in some time and we are only excited to see so much more from Marco, especially some live performances hopefully!

Listen to it here -

SUTTY X Migixhi - Daisy Chains

The latest release from Rhythm Lab comes from SUTTY and Migixhi as part of the labels 'giRLS' project where they bring northern female artists together who have never met. The project is leading upto International Women's Day with the backing of Reform Radio, Arts Council England and Youth Music.

The track is a gentile rose tinted look into childhood of the naivety of Daisy Chains and how we never really stopped reaching out. It feels like it was perfectly written for this project, this collaboration, this time and this partnership with the world continuing to crumble around us.

The confident jazz piano sample and use of lo-fi drum pad creates this beautiful world for us to step straight into with both of these talented artists. Very excited to hear more from both of them and from the label.

Max Hammond - The Modern Way

On paper this track shouldn't work, twee guitar and a whiny 2006 voice, but that's where you're totally wrong....

Guitar music has taken a turn and split into two, either 'smooth jazz' or 'rock', the earlier being the better to listen to but the second being my preferred after listening to Ty segall and Bikini Kill all summer long. Max Hammond has found a way to bring both sides together in a twee jazz bop that already sounds timeless. Could it be Half Man Half Biscuit taking the piss or just another Ween track that fell through Dean's fingers.

The 3 minute whip gets your head bobbing and waving those hands in the air screaming "Shake your body, get down to the ground". Then when you realise that it's Max who has wrote and recorded all elements of the track you begin to understand the true understated talent of this individual, don't even mention the Lucy & Yak collection.

Manchester now has a Dean Ween now?

Love Letters (Potpourri) - Love Letters Volume One

This is a wonderfully special compilation of all female identifying musicians coming together to celebrate and thank the amazing work done by Sisters Uncut. The compilation has been organised and released by the band Potpourri under the guise of Love Letters and from start to finish it is excellent. On their Bandcamp they said this "Thank you Sisters Uncut. What you do is not easy but it’s necessary. We need a strong voice to highlight diminishing funds and government representation that leave people vulnerable, protecting those in need. It can feel like an uphill battle which is why it’s so important. Here is a love letter from our music community to you. Thank you for being there and being you."

Travelling through the genres of punk, folk, alternative, garage and pop you feel supported and warm in the company of these women with Varicose Veins even giving us the confidence to say "It's DIY, go and make a zine!" The release has got a splash of Manchester in there courtesy of PINS, Loose Articles, Julia Bardo, All Girls Arson Club and it's great to see the city being represented!

This is a beautiful project, go and buy the cassette now!

GOMID - Ugly Boys Doom

GOMID is a new project from LINTD and Arctype and you properly get dropped straight in there with the track Ugly Boys Doom.

The production from Arctype is smooth and dark with our subs shaking as we listened to it but the vocals from LINTD scare the shit out of you screaming "MURDER, MURDER, MURDER".

It's a track that sounds like it could be from the the new alternative hip-hop scene of South Africa with artists such as Stiff Pap and Cassper Nyovest pushing the scene into the mainstream. So it's a wonderful thing to have in the city with so many other African and Latin influences pouring out of artists like Obeka and Yelena Lambisha.

Teegs - EP1

This is a representation of what can and has been done throughout lockdown, a rebirth.

Teegs got into music production in 2020 and has come into 2021 bursting with colourful electronic beauty for us all to soak up with the help of the usual strangers All Hands On Deck, High Hoops, Reform and their partner Emma from Fat Out.

The EP opens up with a fast paced grooving bassline that gets your feet tapping before very quickly moving into a glitchy (imagine remixing the sound of Predator) beat that gets your neck bending in directions you didn't know it could.

The mix carries on with a catchy mix of high bpm and alternative instrumental additions like cow bells, guitar and synth before closing down with a Oneohtrix Point Never influenced atmospheric quality to it.

Psychederek - Screamadereka

With a name like Psychederek you've got to expect something big and this latest offering 'Screamadereka' gives you a sultry psychedelic that sounds closer to some Parisian indie band that would have supported Phoenix on their tour rather than a lad from Manchester and that's why it's fantastic!

The bass line simply glides through the varied technical layering of the track with the classic glitchy yet angelic vocals akin to all modern psych. I don't want to say it but it's true, Tame Impala are the sound of the last 5 years however 'Derek' has brought through those Gomez and French House sounds with this track.

He has also just released the very eastern sounding 'At The Mountain of Madness" which is also a lesson in how to have fun. So much so that he's now got himself onto Sprechen, (personally one of my favourite musical hubs in Manchester right now) who will be releasing his full album "Space Arcade" coming soon.

As always make sure you send us your new music and we can give it a review and push it out there!

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