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Naomi Harwin

Naomi has been an artist for many years and joined Paradise Works last year. Her practise is a sculpture based one that creates spaces for people to experience from 'Hospital Rooms' to 'Encounter' and these have met glorious aplomb with her work exhibited as far as Singapore alongside a variety of institutions across the UK.

How do you describe your practice?

My practice is predominately sculpture and installation based and has used multimedia methods of translating and retranslating a source object, to make sense of ideas surrounding perceptual encounters, part-hood relations and our reinterpretation of objects. The work manifests as an assemblage of these spatial constructions, drawn elements, sculptures, and digital and light interventions.

More recently my work has begun to consider how through our bodies we inhabit, move through and engage with physical spaces. With influences such as architectural scenography, lighting design and movement practices; my work is shifting towards the creation of interactive constructions and sensory environments that touch on place orientation and play.

How has your time in PW been?

I moved into PW in September, following a relocation. Previously I was based at Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge for about 6 years. PW has been a real support, especially with the move to Manchester in the community of artists. I’ve got to know some wonderful people through the PW socials, over ideas chats and impromptu studio visits. As an artist-led space, in the short time I’ve been here, there has been an emphasis on skill-sharing, professional development and networking opportunities. When I first moved in, I was building a new work for an exhibition in November, so the studio facilitated an intense period of making in the run-up to this. I have since been working on a new body of work and a collaborative film project. Public events like the last Open Studios have been lots of fun, so I’m looking forward to Triple Decker on 25th May!

What do you think of the Manchester art scene?

I still feel like I am getting to know the place, but the art scene in Manchester feels really vibrant and exciting. There seem to be lots of opportunities popping up, new shows and projects happening all the time. It feels much more accessible here in Manchester. While also close to the creative communities in the surrounding cities.

Please recommend us 3 things in Manchester.

Contact Theatre – I may be a little biased on this one as I work at Contact, but I’ve been blown away by their ethos and the opportunities and programming the team put on, supporting young people and the local communities. There is always something fun happening in the building, it’s also just a nice place to hang out or do some work.

Unitom – I’ve spent ages browsing the magazines and publications in this place. Even better when the dog is in the shop!

Pink MCR – I’ve really enjoyed the shows Pink has put on so far and look forward to seeing what else they’ve got coming up this year.

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