Lotti V Closs

Lotti V Closs is a highly regarded artist who has had many solo exhibitions across the country and exhibited in many groups shows in places such as The Attic, The Number Shop, Castor Projects, Galleria Marso, The Harley Gallery, Venice Bienalle and many more.

Her work has been highlighted by various publications and has been noticed by so many that she has won a handful of awards alongside commissions and residencies.

She is a new tenant to Paradise Works and after meeting at the studios 5th birthday party I am super excited to introduce the individual and the artist Lotti V Closs.

How do you describe your practise? 

I would describe my practice as intuitive and process/material led. I use the inherent natures of a chosen material as a starting point, using a playful and experimental approach to start the ‘evolution’ of a piece, whilst a collection of various sketches or observations work as reference.

My work often straddles both a domestic and theatrical nature, touching on notions of identity through the introspective and intimate nature of making. Each iteration of an object or image acts as convoy to the next, often described around a framework of themes of play, relationship and material/object agency. In reflection, a real myriad of subconsciously stored imagery can be seen, from personal surroundings to historical artefacts & fantasy design.

How has your time in Paradise Works been? 

I only moved into PW a few months ago, but already it feels like a second home. I moved to Manchester from Nottingham just before the Pandemic hit, and worked mostly from home in my tiny spare room whilst waiting for a space to come up. I love my new space and there is a really nice community of artists from all backgrounds, which I had really missed. It

feels very proactive in supporting and promoting each other and the evolution of the space, making it feel alive and quietly motivating.

What do you think of Manchester’s art scene? 

Even though I have been here a couple of years, as it has been a strange time with the pandemic I still feel like I am discovering Manchester’s art scene. Saying that, I have seen a couple of great shows at Pink Gallery and Castlefield Gallery, which both feel like exciting spaces, as well as the larger institutions like Manchester Art Gallery and The Whitworth are wonderful to have nearby.

Coming from Nottingham which has a very active DIY/artist led community, which I think is an integral part of a cities art scene, I am excited to find out more spaces like these in Manchester through my connection to Paradise Works. I have actually recently been invited to show as part of a group show 'Thought Forms' curated by the artist Linda Hemmserbach at PS Mirabel in June, which I’m really looking forward to.

Please recommend us 3 things in Manchester. 

The Carlton Club, Whalley Range. This is a community ran space, (my local!) and hosts a wonderful range of events from film nights, to gigs and silent discos, a monthly jumble sale ‘Rummage in the Range’, and just a really lovely space to get involved with, and of course go for a pint in the cosy Victorian building or large green space outdoors when the suns out!

7 Spot Pottery, Islington Mill. Ran by the lovely Pascal & Eva, I assisted these guys for a while in their lovely space, they run all sorts of classes, membership, and kiln hire. They are so knowledgeable and I am always picking their brains when using ceramics.

Home cinema, gallery and theatre. They always have a great selection of films on, having worked for years at a similar cinema in the past, they provide my hit of cinematic goodies. As well as having great looking gallery and theatre spaces (that I’m yet to see something at!) and really good food!

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