LID, who's LID?

Made with two tiny hands and one massive smile.

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Starting life in lockdown 2020 Founder Emma Loughridge followed her love for charity shop digging , up-cycling and the desire to make a sustainable fashion brand and so Lid was born! Being a classic Mancunian, the bucket hat is always a go to staple that was consistently a part of her wardrobe and in her own words “people look fit in bucket hats!”

So combining the love for the bucket hat, and the love for up-cycling and the need to create she started by making one off hats in a variety of materials and colours. After that all the hats are made to order so there is 0 waste and it can be true to the slow fashion ethos.

“It keeps me on my toes, I need new things all the time, so this keeps me thinking and working, which I prefer.”

Emma always wanted to be as sustainable as possible and to be kind and considerate to the planet. So they really take as much responsibility for their practise as possible, using vegan friendly ink, reusable organic cotton bags for packaging and uses scraps of material for labels.

“Lockdown has really given me the chance to live my dream. All I wanted to do was quit my job and start building a brand. So March came and I lost my job and it worked out well for me, I finally got to do it. I love researching and watching all the new collections and getting inspired out of the daily struggle.”

So this is the great basis that Lid has started on, but Emma says “This is just the start. I’ve always wanted to do clothes, but it’s more about the shape and the material rather than just making them. It’s about quality and sustainability over anything else.”

Thankfully Emma is surrounded by what she describes as “The other Lids”, a fantastic variety of creatives that she has naturally found herself in, and with a spark for collaboration it all came around well easy.

“Over the years I’ve just helped people with things, photography is my strongest area, so when it came to my project people just got on board and wanted to help. Shaun Peckham, my mate, he does proper photography, so he helped me out. Luckily my housemate is a model, so that’s easy. My sister models too! Then there is my mate Sharpo, who runs All The Best Studio, we just creatively bounce off each other. Elliott, who photographs for Footasylum, he helped me with my product shots, so I’ve been proper lucky. My mate Seb also runs Gone Fishing Vintage, so he really helped me getting great clothes for the styling on the shoots. I just wander down to his studio when I need some help or just to get out. Also, Harrison Park has done all my graphics, he’s really brought this project to life and helped me so much!

I am used to being in an office and bouncing off everyone, but now I’m at home on my own I’ve really reached out to all my mates to collaborate on this.”

For me, that is what is so great about this project. Collaborating with your mates on loads of different projects, using the right ethos, with the right dream, can be really impactful and change your entire outlook. I think we can truly see that this has happened right here for Emma and for Lid.

So what’s coming up next for Lid?

“As I’ve said I do want to expand what I make, so I do want to put out a fashion range, but that’s proper down the line. Really I’m gonna be doing loads more research and learning more about sustainable materials and how I can be as sustainable as possible.

I am of course working on my spring collection, but in the the meantime I am working on working with 100% black wool, which is dead nice. So in the next few weeks I’ll be releasing some nice new winter hats in that material!”

As we always do with our features we always ask for three recommendations for other businesses, groups or people in Manchester.

“Luke Passey, one of my good mates, he does great artistic graffiti and is currently a resident of Islington Mill and is part of the Withington Walls collective.

Brand wise I’d have to say All The Best, which I’ve mentioned. They do a mixture of lifestyle products, but it’s all about putting out a positive message and helping people.

My sister Laura, she does loads of stuff. She started The Bodhi Agency looking out there for talent. She is also in a band called Lyla and runs a record label called Loveland. So she does loads of cool stuff!”

So here we can see we have a plethora of talent all circulating around this one group of Mancunians and it’s amazing to see. Keep up to date with everything Lid do via their website and social media, and get involved, go buy a hat!

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