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Josh Phillips - Oh My

2021 for music is looking good. Like, really good. Music lovers are always in search of that hopeful and optimistic sound that can sonically bring them out of their state of lull, especially from last year. “Oh My” by Josh Phillips, I can guarantee, is the breath of fresh air we have all been waiting for.

It's a sound that makes you feel like you’ve been here before, but it has so much more to offer. Sweet, jangly guitars over a complimenting velvety bass tone, and is held together by classic 4/4 drums, what's not to love? It invites you in with familiarity, and leaves you with the feeling that something new is going to unfold, and also leaves me craving more future music from Josh Phillips.

The craft that has gone into this song reminds me of listening to Wire for the first time, or Parquet Courts, and that feeling of not knowing what you are going to get during the duration of the song, but at the end, I feel richly rewarded and repeated listens of this song are imminent.

I know 2021 has only just started, but can this track be contender for the best of 2021 already? I will answer that for you. Yes.

Oh My is the leading single taken from Josh’s debut full length project ‘PLUS//ULTRA’ which was mostly written and produced during the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic (March-August 2020) and is due for release in April 2021 with Inner City Records.

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