Jack Brown

Jack Brown has been an infamous artist within Manchester's artist led spaces and community, working for many years across various spaces from Paradise Works, Bankley Gallery and Castlefield Gallery and winner of a variety of prizes and commissions.

His work facilitates moments of wonder, whether that be physical realisations or community based intrigue and that practise has found his work exhibited in spaces like Thames Side Studio Gallery, Salford Art Gallery, Warrington Contemporary, PS Mirabel, Chapel Gallery, Paper Gallery, Bankley Studios, People's History Museum, Abingdon Studios and many more.

How do you describe your practise?

I am a visual artist working in (and in the spaces between) sculpture, painting, response to site, print, public action, drawing, photography and video. My work plays with ideas of placement, slightness, observation and distant collaborations.

Interventions in the wider world, collaborations and manipulations; my practice can be seen as an investigation into ways of making and how those made objects or moments interact with the world around them

How has your time in PW been? Pivotal. I've been here for about 3 years. Since moving in I've been able to create a strong new body of work, build critical networks and find my place amongst artists and creatives based in the North West. Its the best studios I've been in, especially for the number of opportunities and connections with curators and collectors. I'm about to move into a much larger space on the ground floor and expand my practice as I move towards larger public art commissions.

What do you think of Manchester's art scene? Its open, welcoming and its full of 'proper' artists. There are a lot of artists working in Salford and Manchester, a decent handful of studios and some top galleries too. Paper Gallery and Castlefield Gallery has been really supportive and I worked with Mark Deveraux Projects this year to submit a successful Arts Council DYCP grant to further develop my practice. Art permeates the city, you've just got to find it.

I'm currently showing work at The Salford Museum and Art Gallery in 'You Belong here' and Rogue studios in 'Breathing in Drawing out' and my studio door is always open to visitors. The Manchester Contemporary brings collectors and international galleries to the city every year. Its an ecology you could draw on a piece of paper, small enough to get your head around but also ever-expanding and busy.

Please recommend us 3 things in Manchester.

Fred Aldous is a Manchester institution an art supply shop for all your arty needs. Get past the gift shoppy first floor and head down to a good range of art and craft supplies.

Campus on the other side of the canal on Canal Street is a lovely little green oasis, it will probably get to trendy soon, but it feel like a hidden gem at the moment.

The Eagle Inn. Its a proper old pub on the edge of Salford and Manchester and it's where the Paradise Works lot end up after most open studios or gallery openings.

Visit Jack's website here and go check out his part of 'A Modest Show' where he is exhibiting 'Community Portraits' at Rogue Studios.

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