Doc'N'Roll Film Festival

A film festival, in Manchester., I've never heard of one? Things are now changing for the keen cinematic eyes of Mancunians and in typical style it is of course a music based film festival. Doc'n Roll has come to Manchester for the fourth time this year with their fantastic jam packed itinerary of documentaries and feature length films focused on music.

This years screenings look like this!

Tuesday 2 November, HOME, 6:10pm

Love Yourself Today - Damien Dempsey - followed by live set by Hannah Marie Donelon at Pevril of the Peak

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Wednesday 3 November, Chapeltown Picturehouse, 8:00pm

A Symphony Of Noise - Matthew Herbert

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Wednesday 3 November, HOME, 8:40pm

Lydia Lunch - The War Is Never Over

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Thursday 4 November, HOME, 6:20pm

Dom Salvador & Abolition - followed with a DJ set from Hannah O'Gorman

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Thursday 4 November, Chapeltown Picturehouse, 8:00pm

The Nowhere Inn - St. Vincent - warmed up with a DJ set from Alive & Amplified

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Saturday 6 November, HOME, 4:00pm

In My Own Time – Karen Dalton - followed by a DJ set at The Peer Hat

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Saturday 6 November, HOME, 6:00pm

The Rest is History - The Early Days of Drum and Bass - followed with a DJ set by L.E at HOME

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Sunday 7 November, Chapeltown Picturehouse, 4:00PM

In A Silent Way - Talk Talk - followed by an open DJ set hosted by Barber Presents and MUKA

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So let's learn some more about Doc'n Roll, who are they, how long has it been going on for and what are the bigger visions of the fantastic individuals behind the project! We talked to Colm, the festival director and programmer to learn more.

Who and what is Doc’N’Roll?

Doc'n Roll is CEO/Programmer Vanessa Lobon and Creative Director/Programmer Colm Forde, plus numerous UK-wide local event producers and event staff.

We're a female-led film agency that platforms and champions marginal voices in the music industry; we are passionate about independent film and music of all genres. Our mission is to celebrate music subcultures by providing a unique platform to support creative, compelling and unforgettable documentaries that celebrate the performers, labels, scenes and stories. Doc'n Roll began life in 2013, when we launched the UK's Music Documentary Film Festival, convinced it was time to show some love to under-the-radar indie music documentaries that were all too often ignored by risk-averse film programmers. We excel in finding theatrical, non-theatrical and direct-to-consumer routes to market for independent music documentaries across the globe. In 2019, we launched another UK first, Doc'n Roll TV, our worldwide pay-per-view streaming platform that allows us to present a host of new and classic music documentaries to viewers at home.

How did the venture begin?

Doc'n Roll began life in 2013, when we launched the UK's Music Documentary Film Festival, convinced it was time to show some love to under-the-radar indie music documentaries that were all too often ignored by out-of-touch and risk-averse film programmers. With zero backgrounds in event management, we combined our meagre savings and shared love of alternative music with a passion for indie films and launched the company as a start-up.

What has happened and changed through the 8 years of its existence?

Eight years on, thanks to BFI funding support, our annual festivals in London and across the UK, plus one-off and specially curated seasons, provide our audiences with the opportunity to watch these great documentaries in cool cinemas, as they were designed to be watched: LOUD. We've expanded gradually across the UK beginning with Brighton and Liverpool branches in 2016, followed by our inaugural Manchester festival in 2017. During 2017, owing to strong demand from both filmmakers and audiences, Doc'n Roll expanded to include a sales, distribution and consulting service. We launched both Doc'n Roll Scotland and Doc'n Roll Ireland in 2018 and we're now established across 13 UK cities, having just added Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham branches for this 2021 edition. This will be our fourth festival edition in MCR and we're really looking forward to showcasing these 8 cracking docs between HOME and Chapeltown Picturehouse, alongside some brilliant supporting DJ sets and events.

What have been some highlights of the festivals?

2016 - Our opening night at the BFI Southbank with two sold-out World Premiere Q&A screenings of Gregory Porter - Don't Forget Your Music.

2017 - Opening night World Premiere screening of A Winding Road: A Ramble with Richard Thompson with the great man himself along for a fantastic Q&A

2018 - Countless sold-out screenings of the joyous Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records, which we toured extensively across the UK and met some wonderful audiences along the way.

2021 - We're ecstatic to have the UK Premiere of St. Vincent's parody music doc The Nowhere Inn touring all cities on our route this November.

What are 5 films and 5 bands that fueled Doc’N’Roll?

Manchester Keeps On Dancing

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

Foals - Rip up the road

L7: Pretend We're Dead

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records

What does the future hold for Doc’n Roll including Doc’n Roll TV?

We'll continue to enrich our UK-wide screening schedule with more year-round events as demand grows in MCR and beyond for these powerful documentaries.

We just launched our first international branch ini Oslo, Norway a few weeks ago with a weekender event. We hope to expand that initial taster into a proper festival in summer 2022. We've had interest from companies in both Vancouver and Melbourne this year, so who knows where we'll be launching a festival next...

Doc'n Roll TV is going from strength to strength.

We're currently reaching viewers from 32 countries and this reach is expanding monthly. More exclusive film deals are on the horizon as filmmakers are recognising the unique value of our platform when compared to the major players, whose size and depth of content can overwhelm indie films and leave them overshadowed in the dark corners of bigger commercial heavyweight films.

If you are a film fan and would like to work with a local film festival then Doc'n Roll are the people to get in touch with for their programming in 2022, get in touch, it could be you!

If this is all the stuff that you like to watch then head down to the screenings in the coming days and then you can also experience all of the pre and post screening events for free!

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