Crimewave - Barcode

Have you entered 2021 with a negative frame of mind? Still trying to compare it to last year? Still trying to make sense of everything? Well don’t. Relax. We’ve been saved.

Yes that's right, we’ve been saved from all that. It's true. And it takes just 3 minutes and 6 seconds of your time.

The answer to true reassurance at the start of this year is “BARCODE”, the new single from the shoe-gaze/electronic act Crimewave. Featuring on the new “Slow Dance 2020” compilation, Crimewave have crafted a beautifully optimistic track that you can hear is trying to push new boundaries in the alternative dance movement. But also the effortless crossover with shoe-gaze will help this track appeal to so many music fans out there. We have a true gem here.

Pulling over from early Big Pink tracks and Suuns, Crimewave merge together the wonderfully grim night time streets of Manchester with the spliced barcode style image to bring you a video that truly fits the music.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tracks coming out of the Slow Dance compilation, which will include much more music from Manchester.

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