Another; Country $$$$ - Grief Stricken Listed Buildings

We as humans always yearn for that sense of comfort in life in which you want to feel that everything is okay amidst our own battles in every day life. You search for things that give you comfort and reassurance. Music is that sonic medicine that can and will offer you that sense of freedom and clearance. Mine was prescribed to me in email form, and damn I sure want a repeat prescription of it.

At the time of receiving this album, the cabin fever had started to set in through recent changes in events, and was really giving me that sense of doubt and confusion in this world. Am I losing sight of whats important in life? I needed something that could open the door of this cabin into a world that really wasn’t such a bad place after all. That thing is “GRIEF STRICKEN LISTED BUILDINGS” by Another; Country $$$$, released on Do Your Best Records, Manchester.

This album is an amalgamation of cryptic melodies and sound that really taps deep into what makes you feel and encounter as a person. You get to experience similar joyous feelings from the music like you would with listening to other respected acts and styles such as Boards Of Canada, Autechre, Jackie O Motherfucker, Throbbing Gristle, Cornelius, The Swirlies, post rock, moments of shoe gaze, dance, ethereal soundtracks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this released caught the attention of the crew at Warp Records.

What we have here is something that sounds like someone who knows how to lay emotion down through music and allow you to feel that too. Its sound is complex yet simple and suggests its nature is made achievable through todays advances within music technology. Whether it was made on a high end computer, a Korg Volca, or a cheap 4 track recorder, in all honesty it sounds like it was produced with the intention of giving you a glimpse into your uncertain, but hopefully utopian future. Images of multicoloured wax melting under a sun bed full of pixelated hash cakes keep permeating my thoughts in parts of this album. Isn’t your psyche a truly perplexing chasm?

We go from the “Mezzanine” sounding “DULC” to a truly beautiful, anxious, vulnerable and kaleidoscopic track entitled “YOUTH PASTOR”. This album is worth your time. The production and stereo imaging of this record is perfect and the production really feels like it is being used as an instrument in itself and compliments the music effortlessly.

Be sure to check this release out on November 20th on Do Your Best Records. Soon to follow their will be a super limited tape release, which we are well excited about. Link to purchase here -

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