15 Years Of Music At Islington Mill

Thousands upon thousands of musicians have played at the Islington Mill venue from The Ting Tings to Russian Circles, Space Lady To Bo Ningen. Honestly we could sit here and list them for days and most of that is thanks to Fat Out, however we have made a mix of some of our legendary favourites.

Including bands like Peaches and Saul WIlliams who travelled to our little spot of paradise, or bands like Locean and ILL who made there mark here at some of their debut shows, this mix has it all. Stick it on and sit back in amazement.

You can learn some more in depth facts about the history of the gig space, The Burrow and Fat Out in the coming weeks when we release our lovely chat with Emma Thompson from Fat Out.

Until then, sink your teeth into nearly 2 hours of fantastic tracks whilst reading through the rest of our History Week in collaboration with Islington Mill.

More great stuff to come from the collaboration over the month.

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